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Manufacture and Fabrication of Crane relevant products and works.


Sun Crane is one of the leading Hoist Manufacturer and fabrication, uses powerful innovation and proven experience to turn your material handling challenges into well designed solutions. A wide range of services and capabilities, from complex custom and standard equipment to components and parts, enables us to meet all your material handling needs.

Sun Crane is one of the leading Manufacturer and fabrication of E.O.T Cranes, H.O.T Crane, Single Girder Cranes, Double Girder Cranes, Monorail Cranes, Reduction Gear box, Gentry grider cranes, Jib Cranes, Goods Lift, Over head cranes, Goods Lift etc.

We have got fully equipped workshop with assisted by a team of diligent professionals, which is experienced and cooperative. At every stage, our professionals support and cooperate with customers, so as to accomplish the given task efficiently. Moreover, all our teammates are hired on the basis of their experience and skills in their respective field of operations.

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